Discover 4 key insights from Pharma 2022 - become your organization's expert on Customer Engagement

Dive Deep, Drive Change: Fredrik unravels the mysteries from Pharma 2022 in Nice, equipping you in commercial pharma with the expertise to redefine customer engagement in your organization.

The Blueprint to Elevated Customer Engagement: Delve into a meticulously curated video series where Fredrik demystifies the essence of his findings from Pharma 2022 in Nice. Designed for forward-thinkers like you, this online course not only illuminates challenges but offers actionable strategies to enhance customer engagement. Discover the depth, dynamics, and strategies behind each insight, as we dive into a focused exploration below.

Video #1:
From Stagnation to Elevation: Mastering Customer Segmentation in Pharma

3m 11s watch time

Dive deep with Fredrik as he unpacks the complexities of legacy segmentation after Pharma 2022 in Nice. Discover why many companies get it wrong and how embracing Personas can bridge the gap between sales & marketing, making segmentation highly relevant again. ๐Ÿ”‘

Video #2:
Generic to Genuine: Transform Your Pharma Messaging with Personalized Comms

3m 41s watch time

After dissecting segmentation, Fredrik moves to the heart of customer-centric strategies: Personalized Communication. Learn the three-step ladder to effective content and why grounded Personas are the linchpin to success in personal communication. ๐Ÿš€

Video #3:
Seeking Seamless Pharma Interactions? Embrace Omnichannel Orchestration

5m 55s watch time

Tired of the Omnichannel buzzword? Join Fredrik as he translates the buzz into actionable steps. Understand the real essence of Omnichannel, how it interplays with the previous takeaways, and the magic of our ABC+ model. Discover how Personas again become the guide to achieving genuine Omnichannel success. ๐ŸŒ

Video #4:
Overwhelmed with Data Overload? Shift to Insightful Pharma Analysis.

5m 54s watch time

Data is the new gold, but only if mined correctly. In the video series grande finale, Fredrik uncovers the critical secrets to harnessing data to steer informed decisions. Grasp the essence of how, when coupled with precision and innovative strategy, data emerges as your most potent tool in the Pharma industry. ๐Ÿ“Š

The Video Series is Best For

Director / Head of Marketing (CMO)

Steer marketing strategies with precision. Explore Omnichannel insights and data-driven decision-making. Lead with innovative solutions to build a stronger brand.

Director / Head of Customer Experience

Revamp the customer journey. Harness personalized communication and effective segmentation to enhance customer touchpoints. Ensure authentic interactions.

Director / Head of Business Strategy

Navigate the pharma industry landscape. Align actionable steps with business goals. Position your organization for industry leadership.

Hereโ€™s what people are saying about the video series speaker

World-class lecture!

Fredrik delivered a lecture at the start of the day and set the bar high! I felt, "This is a world-class lecture.

Tech-enabled sales & marketing

Expect a can-do attitude, infectious optimism, boundless energy, outstanding teamwork, and rock-solid knowledge of technology-enabled sales and marketing.

Enthusiastic & decidacted multichannel

Fredrik is one of the most enthusiastic and dedicated multichannel marketers I know. He has a genuine positive can-do approach.

Carine Neagoe Portfolio Management | Global Strategy & Business Development

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About The Video Series Speaker, Fredrik Holmboe

Meet Fredrik Holmboe, the guiding force behind Dualia. As CEO and Lead Digital Strategist, he's orchestrated strategies for top-tier companies such as Galderma, Bayer, and even tech giant, Microsoft. Drawing from his roots in cognitive neuroscience and philosophy, Fredrik dives deep into the digital pharma realm, blending sales, marketing, AI, tech and IT with unmatched finesse.

With a powerful influence in the Swedish pharma sector, his 14,200+ LinkedIn followers and numerous articles, spanning from 2015, underline his expertise. He's not just about the theory; he's led real-world change, breaking down silos in commercial communication and driving an 80% web traffic surge through his global strategies.

But there's more. He's also the mind behind the Digital Maturity Barometer, a revolutionary tool assessing digital prowess in pharma. Yet, despite these accolades, Fredrik's approach remains as approachable and insightful as ever. Engage with him for a blend of knowledge delivered with genuine warmth.

"Let's navigate this wave of transformation together."

 - Fredrik Holmboe

Founder & Lead Digital Strategist, Dualia - Life Science Marketing

Frequently asked questions

What topics does the video series cover?

The series delves into the intricacies of harnessing data in the pharma industry, the essence of Omnichannel, advanced marketing strategies in a digital pharma world, and the nuances of personalized communication and segmentation. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of crafting content strategies, integrating sales and marketing efforts, and navigating the challenges of digital transformation in pharma.

How long is each video in the series?

Each video varies in length, but there are four videos ranging from a bit more than 3 minutes to close to 6 minutes each. This duration serves a comprehensive overview of each topic while keeping the content engaging and digestible for viewers.

Who is the primary audience for this video series?

This series is tailored for professionals in the pharma industry, especially those in leadership roles such as Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Sales Officers, and Chief Communications Officers. It's also beneficial for those looking to integrate sales, marketing, and IT for a cohesive digital strategy.

If I want to reach Fredrik, where do I best do that?

There are a few ways to reach Fredrik, depending on the purpose of your inquiry. Here are a few booking links to chose from:

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